S3 - E10

Justin and Kevin

This week Patti sets out to find love for two Hollywood producers. The first is Justin Levine, a Canadian trust fund millionaire who has recently moved to Los Angeles to fully pursue his new career in the entertainment industry. Justin is a real-life Peter Pan, as this 40-year-old man never wants to grow up. But this Peter has some very grown-up—and very unrealistic—needs. Patti is shocked to hear his main requirement for a woman is to have measurements of 34, 23, 34—no one but the airbrushed models in fashion magazines can deliver these kind of unrealistic expectations! Despite his misguided priorities, Patti vows to teach him a lesson and help him find a woman he can grow old with. It goes from bad to worse when Patti finds out her other client is Kevin Strom, a self-professed chauvinist movie producer who needs a woman who will stay in the kitchen and keep her mouth shut during his beloved football games. For the honor of women everywhere, Patti prepares to give Kevin the whooping of the century, but this controlled, methodical lothario will not be easily pushed around.

Aired: 03/30/2010
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