No Low Points

No Low Points

Racetracks, colorful conversations, and a birthday party!

You introduced Jill to the race tracks in this episode! What was it like to show someone around the place you virtually grew up in?

Virtually? How about entirely! It was phenomenal bringing Jill to the races. Jill is so "old school", as am I. We're both gamblers (OK, so I'm the gambler), and I thought she would enjoy the action. I'm definitely an action junkie, which stems from my childhood at the track. She absolutely loved it and it's now in her blood. You and LuAnn ran into Simon and Alex at the Habitat for Humanity benefit and had a pretty colorful conversation. Were you surprised Alex was so frank with you?

Surprised? How can anyone be surprised with Alex and Simon?! And yes, the conversation was definitely colorful. Every moment on this show has been an envelope that opens with a new surprise. I found it hilarious that a girl's night became a feminist conversation. To her credit, Alex is very forward thinking, and she sees no delineation between men and women. I'm no girls' girl, but if it's a girls' night, I embrace the ritual.

Things got a little awkward with Jill at your birthday dinner. What was that all about?

That was about the boiling point that I reached after endless conversations about my relationship, babies, rings, apartments, kids, responsibilities, clocks ticking and everything I should be doing and every place I should be. I just wanted to enjoy my birthday in a very simple way. My birthday is difficult time for me and I just wanted it to peacefully go by. I just wasn't up for being grilled. Real_Housewives_NY_107_28.jpg

And finally, any reflections on Jill's party at 21? Highlights? Lowlights?

Jill loves to be the hostess. I loved that evening. I found it warm, exciting, sentimental, flavorful and, to be honest, a bit of a rollercoaster. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. My highlights were: the food, and watching Alex and Simon's children stab Jason's infamous $30 gourmet hamburger. I also found it amusing when they placed a greasy handprint on Victoria's gorgeous dress. I also enjoyed teaching Ramona the valuable lesson of "check yourself before you wreck yourself." There were no low points.And anything else you'd like to add!

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