Jules Wainstein: I Have One Moral Authority, and He Isn't on a Reality Show

Jules Wainstein: I Have One Moral Authority, and He Isn't on a Reality Show

Jules thinks the #RHONY ladies need more self-awareness and admits her pizza prank wasn't the best idea.

After watching this week's episode I agree with Dorinda: It's time for me to grow a pair...of calzones. While I refuse to engage in judgments and insults about how my fellow Housewives live their personal lives, I will say that the lack of self-awareness that some of these Yentas have is shocking.

There's only one thing worse than having your head so far up your a-- (or in this case, vagina) that you can't see how your words and actions affect people around you, and that's having your head up someone else's! It's clear that Bethenny and Carole have their opinions and assumptions about me and that's fine — everyone is entitled to their opinions — what's not okay is thinking that your opinions (or someone else's if you don't have your own) are the truth. If you're looking for truth, you should be looking within yourself, not picking apart other people. I am the first to admit that I have flaws and problems, but how and when I choose to deal with them are my business, and if my "friends" have concerns, they know that I am always open to honest, caring advice. I have one moral authority, and He isn't on a reality show.

My failed attempt at changing up the tone of things from constant fighting to silliness with my pizza-making prank wasn't my best idea to date, I'll admit that. But insinuating that I have mental issues, addiction problems and God knows what else because of a dumb joke is not okay. I have two kids and those kinds of accusations shouldn't be thrown out at someone lightly; they are hurtful and dangerous. You don't need to be funny at other people's expense, you don't need to make yourself look smart by making someone else look dumb, and you don't need to create drama and issues where none exist just to have something to talk about. You can have all the money in the world, wear the fanciest jewelry and the trendiest clothes, but kindness is the new black.

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