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Scheana Shay Reveals Her Approach to Food and Fitness During Pregnancy

The Vanderpump Rules cast member's pregnancy cravings are definitely not what she expected.

While Scheana Shay has heard all about common pregnancy cravings, at nine months into her own pregnancy, the Vanderpump Rules mom-to-be's food desires have remained unchanged. "I haven't had any [unusual] cravings. Anything I crave is oddly like, 'Oh, I really want a bowl of like steamed spinach or more broccoli.' I crave healthy things or the same things I would crave normally," Scheana exclusively told Bravo Insider. "So I feel like the women who are like, 'Oh I want pickle juice and this and that,' I'm like, 'Wait, what?' I haven't had any of those pregnancy symptoms."

"I have no crazy sense of smell. I didn't get morning sickness," she added. "But I do crave healthy snacks. If I'm gonna crave something, I guess that's a good thing to crave." 

In addition to her beloved veggies, Scheana eats "a lot more fruit now." Although she was "never a big fruit person" prior to pregnancy, "[my boyfriend, Brock Davies, and I] were researching benefits of fruit and the antioxidants and all of that, so I've definitely added a lot more fruits to my diet," she explained.

Over the last nine months, Scheana has developed a structured routine when it comes to meals throughout the day, something she admittedly didn't always prioritize. "I didn't have the best eating habits as far as like breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner every day," she recalled. "I [would] get on my kick where for a few months I'm carb cycling and I'm doing so well, and then I'll get on a kick where I forget to eat all day and then I have a huge dinner. Now, I've been much more consistent with having a balanced breakfast, having a lot of greens and protein for lunch. I snack on almonds every day, and then [Brock and I] do a good dinner and we try to alternate our days that we're having carbs. I've been more conscious of eating better, more regularly."

Because she's been "home a lot more" than normal during her pregnancy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Scheana has found that incorporating a more structured meal schedule hasn't been much of a challenge. "It was harder when [I was] on the go and we're filming or I'm working in LA and I'm running around all day," she explained. "I [was] like, 'Oh my god, I didn't eat. I'm gonna go have a huge bowl of pasta for dinner to make up for how hungry I am.' So it's been easy to be way more consistent with healthy eating and regular meals since we've been home so much."

The fitness enthusiast has also found a way to keep up a regular exercise routine throughout her pregnancy. "I've just been trying to stay as active as possible, 'cause I've been very fortunate from like week 15 on, I've had crazy amounts of energy," she said. "I've been able to get good sleep, and I'm just trying to go for walks as much as possible, especially while we are still down here at the beach [in San Diego]. 'Cause that's one thing I'll miss when we're back in LA. I'm not gonna be, you know, walking the blocks of Hollywood."

Living with Brock who is an F45 gym owner, has helped Scheana maintain her fitness goals in a way that feels manageable and healthy to her during pregnancy. "It's amazing because whenever my trainer Seth isn't available, I have Brock," she said. "He makes me work out to the point where it's like I'm okay, I know I could do five more, but I don't want to push myself."

Brock "pushes me in a healthy way" when it comes to health and fitness, Scheana explained, and she continues to welcome the challenge: "I see results, and I feel so good."

— Reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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