Leon Walker

Chef Leon Walker grew up travelling all around the world and integrates the exquisite foods he has tasted along the way into his dining experiences. Of English and Jamaican decent, Leon’s father taught him his passion for cooking at a young age, and when he was 18-years-old he was given the opportunity to cook aboard the Queen Elizabeth on his first transatlantic voyage. Since then, Leon has cooked across all levels of Michelin rated restaurants and onboard several mega-yachts with royalty, celebrities, and VIP guests. He likes to explore rare ingredients and combine colors and texture to create a delicious melody of flavors and provide a final dish that tastes as beautiful as it looks. Currently single, Leon has a flirtatious appeal but the true loves of his life are his two daughters. He resides in Australia where he is the owner and Head Chef of Wink II Restaurant, Wink Catering and Wink Café.