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Where Do the Southern Charm Cast Members Live? Get the Details on Their Stunning Homes

Find out where the southern beaus and belles’ homes are located in Charleston and beyond. 

By Jamontae Hickman

Over the course of nine seasons, Southern Charm viewers have witnessed many changes in the cast’s lives, including the ups and downs in their relationships, notable career accomplishments, and their journeys to become homeowners.

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In fact, some of the Southern Charm-ers are so proud of their properties that they often provide timely updates on them, ranging from renovations to DIY projects. What’s more, many of the beaus and belles in the South even offer exclusive tours of their homes that we just can’t get enough of.

And as of lately, it has come to our attention that a few unofficial Charlestonians often wonder where the cast members of Southern Charm live. Well, if you're one of those fans, you're in luck.

You can find out everything you need to know about the cast's Southern Charm homes, including their pre and post-renovation status, by scrolling down below.

Craig Conover’s Newly Renovated House

Since purchasing his Mount Pleasant colonial-style house in 2018, Craig Conover has spent plenty of time and money on the renovation process. Craig’s home project included gutting the out-of-date interior and transforming the space to reflect a modern yet sleek vibe.

Unfortunately, while remodeling the property, Craig ran into some unexpected issues that forced him to vacate the premises. He opened up about the unforeseen circumstances during Season 7 of Southern Charm.

"10 months ago I was living in literally a house decorated by a professional decorator and I really felt like an adult. It was amazing," Craig explained in the episode. "Then a plumber came for a routine checkup and there was a broken pipe, asbestos got blown all over my house, and now I cannot live there until the asbestos is gone. So instead, I'm living with Austen [Kroll]."

While that event set Craig back, he “finally” returned to his abode in Season 8, which we saw play out onscreen. However, plenty of work still needed to be done on the home.

Months later, Craig took to social media to show off his old sewing room that had been converted into a stunning kitchen. The newly flipped space featured a black matte fridge, white Thomasville cabinetry, marble countertops, and other beautiful decor.

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo sitting and talking together at a round white table by two windows in Craig’s kitchen.

“Excited to show off my finished kitchen!” Craig captioned an August 2022 Instagram post. “Lots of cooking and entertaining to come.”

Craig Conover in his pool.

Fast-forward to today, nearly every inch of Craig’s Southern Charm home has been revamped, from his bedrooms to the porch and even his backyard area. What used to be a full of trees and shrubs is now a place that’s great for entertaining guests, as it includes a new pool, hot tub, and more.

Austen Kroll’s New Home in Charleston

2021 was a big year for Austen Kroll as he turned 34 and in honor of the special occasion, he purchased a new abode in downtown Charleston.

"I couldn’t find a bow big enough for this [year's] birthday present to myself," the Southern Charm-er captioned a June 2021 social media post that showed himself popping champagne on a porch. 

In August 2022, Austen told that he had spent the past year furnishing his place but wasn't finished yet. “I’ve made so much progress with like, you know, a light fixture here, a chandelier here," he said.

At the time, the overall vibe of Austen's home was “very Bachelor-ish” until he embarked on some renovations courtesy of Rodrigo Reyes.

A split image of a bedroom in Austen's home.
A split image of bedrooms in Austen's home.

That’s right! In March 2023, Austen gave an exciting update on his three-bathroom, four-bedroom house by sharing before-and-after photos of the space. “Soo once again, I’m almost embarrassed to admit, but I’ve been in my house for almost two years, and my two guest rooms were finally completed by my incredibly talented friend [Rodrigo]” he wrote in an Instagram Story.

The snapshot included a look at the previous bare bedrooms that were redesigned with new beds and comforters, new lamps, and other beautiful accent decor.

As for Austen’s thoughts on his home improvements: “I really, really love my house. I love my location,” he recently shared in an interview with us.

Shep Rose’s Home Details

When it comes to Shep Rose, he's been residing in his Isle of Palms beach house since 2021. Shep moved into the place just after he sold his "naughty little house" in the city

In Season 6 of Southern Charm, Shep invited over for a look inside his beachy bachelor pad. During the tour, Shep said, “I done a lot with this room,” while showing off what used to be his basement now turned into a fun lounging area. He decorated the space with a plush couch, a ping pong table, a glass coffee table, and what appeared to be a faux marble TV stand.

The blue exterior of Shep Rose's home.

Shep also showed off his modern kitchen, which rarely gets used because he doesn’t “really cook.” However, he did note that he is proud of his “wet bar,” which was fully stocked with the finest wines and spirits at the time.

Other rooms to get shown in the tour were his book-filled bedroom and sleek bathroom, and we even got to see his outdoor area.

Madison LeCroy’s New House

Last year, Madison LeCroy and her husband, Brett Randle, officially became homeowners of what is now their “dream home” in Charleston.

Months after she and her family settled into their new dwelling, Madison told how it feels to be a part of a new "family neighborhood.”

"I literally am living in Pleasantville, like in the best way possible. Everyone is just so welcoming. I've never been this happy in my life," Madison shared at the time. "I could cry every day because it's just bliss."

The traditional-style 2,858-square-foot home features a primary bedroom for Madison and Brett, a sleek kitchen, and a massive double porch.

Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle kissing while standing outside on the stairs of their home with Hudson Hughes.

During this time, Madison mentioned she was renovating the space above her garage to give it a major transformation. "That room will be a complete glam room," she said. "Instead of being a second apartment, I'm flipping it into a full vanity [and] a closet with all lights."

Now, more than a year later, Madison’s glam room is fully complete and visually stunning, to say the least. (View the space in all its glory by watching the video at the top of this post.)

"This is my favorite part of the whole house," she says in the video above while showing off a sleek white room. "Look at this: This is the ultimate glam room. I mean, I had everything custom-built here: vanity station, sconces here. Everything is on dimmers, which is really nice because I can control the light."

Madison LeCroy's closet with white cabinets and doors with glass panels.

Madison’s glam room also has a separate room dedicated to her clothes and accessories, which are stored in a closet with glass doors.

"I love this because I can throw my outfits for the week out and have it already planned," she explains of the furnishings.

Venita Aspen’s House in Charleston

In 2022, Venita Aspen revealed that her adorable Charleston apartment used to belong to her castmate Shep.

"I got it blessed. I got Shep’s old apartment blessed three times,” the fashionista jokingly told us at the time. “Three different denominations. Not sure if that’s acceptable or not, but we did it.”

After residing in the house for over a year, she has fully remodeled it to the ultimate girl’s dream. What’s more, she recently gave us a full tour of the apartment, and you better believe it has us in awe.

The first room that Venita transformed that had us taking notes for our living situation was her kitchen. She used every square inch of the space to make it feel as grand as possible.

Venita Aspen wearing a blue and white dress while showing her closet.

"I completely flipped this kitchen upside down," Venita explained during the tour while showing off a nook in the corner with a bench and plush blue and white pillows. She even gave her gorgeous kitchen a vintage 50s feel by opting for a retro baby blue refrigerator.

If you thought that was the only room Venita upgraded, then you’re wrong. Because of the apartment’s size and her love of fashion, Venita turned her dining room into a walk-in closet.

"I took my dining room and I turned it into the closet," Venita shared. "I had no need for a dining room whatsoever." Well done, Venita! She also noted that her storage space featured “more clothes than [she] can count.”

Olivia Flowers’ family home seen on Southern Charm

Another Isle of Palms resident is Oliva Flowers, who lives in her parents' home, which we saw in Season 8. At the time, Olivia had just moved back to Charleston to reside with her mom and dad after leaving California.

“My roommate situation right now is my parents,” she said in a confessional on Season 8, Episode 1. “I was living in Los Angeles, but when COVID hit, I didn’t want to be locked down there during the apocalypse. So I came home and that’s kind of when I realized that being in L.A. was too far away. I wanted to be closer to my family.” 

Prior to Season 9, in a press release it was revealed that Olivia’s “parents Robin and Gary, have moved out of their palatial waterfront pad, leaving Olivia to rule as lady of the manor.”

A white house with foliage surrounding it.
Olivia Flowers sitting poolside in a lime green bikini set while wearing a baseball cap.

As for the details on the home, it’s a pure beauty. Not only does it come with a stunning view of the water, but it’s complete with a dock and a lush backyard. The outdoors also includes a built-in bar, a gorgeous dock, a pool, and a hot tub.

Now, onto the interior, which we got a peek at in Season 8, was decorated with white shiplap on the walls, white cabinetry, and white countertops.

Taylor Ann Green’s Condo

Also, on Season 8 of Southern Charm, Taylor Ann Green clarified that she had purchased a "little condo when [she] moved down to Charleston.” More than a year after acclimating to the spot, she embarked on a few backyard upgrades.

In a September 2022 Instagram Story, Taylor showed fans her relatively bare outdoor area that previously included a tree, some greenery, and an unfinished patio. After receiving love and care from Island Floral Design, Taylor's backyard was redone with a new dining setup complete with a round table, chairs, a blue umbrella, and a separate seating area that overlooked her river view.

“It has been a little bit of a project,” Taylor shared in her Instagram Story video. “I love it, and it makes it so much more exciting for fall. The weather’s cooled down, I’m gonna be really thrilled to be using the backyard a lot more often.”

The exterior of Taylor Ann Green's home with bushes and grass in the front yard.

Most recently, in the Season 9 premiere of Southern Charm, we got a new look at Taylor’s condo. The home has a beige exterior with green shutters and a front door for a pop of color.

We also received a glimpse at her tidy kitchen, which featured granite countertops, white tile flooring, and teal cabinetry.

Leva Bonaparte’s New House

Last year, after moving into her Charleston home with her family, Leva Bonaparte welcomed for an exclusive tour of her colonial palace.

“I love this home, particularly because it’s really like traditionally Charleston,” Leva shared while showing off her formal living room. She went on to note that the vibe of her house makes her “feel like” she lives in “Bridgerton.”

Leva’s Southern Charm home was immaculately designed, from her elegant dining room with moody wall color to her dazzling white marble kitchen with modern appliances. And how can we forget about her beautiful back porch.

Leva Bonaparte's kitchen with a peninsula and bar chairs.
Leva Bonaparte's closet with multiple sections and a floor length mirror.

Sure, we adored every inch of those rooms, but the highlight of the home was Leva's impeccably organized closet. It boasted a vast array of pieces, from designer purses to vibrant tops and statement-making stilettos. "You can see my bougie side," she admitted during the tour. "I love blingy stuff. I love my shoes."

Jarrett “JT” Thomas’ Home

On Season 9 of Southern Charm, new cast member Jarret "JT" Thomas was introduced. He resides in a luxurious apartment located in the heart of Charleston.

The exterior of Jarrett Thomas' brick building.

In Season 9, Episode 3 of the show, we finally got a glimpse into the real estate expert's home. The apartment is perfectly suited for a bachelor, with a beautiful gray-and-white kitchen, a comfortable living room, and a master bedroom complete with a king-sized bed and en suite bathroom.

During the episode, JT opened up about how his real estate career led to him relocating to Charleston. "One of my core businesses is a collection of Airbnbs in Downtown Charleston, and that's why a couple of years ago, I actually made Charleston my full-time home," he said. According to his official cast bio, JT is originally from Virginia.

Patricia Altschul’s House in Charleston

As Southern Charm fans know, Patricia Altschul, aka the Grand Dame of Charleston, inhabits at the historic Isaac Jenkins Mikell house, an ultra-fabulous 9,500-square-foot mansion. Over the years, viewers have been treated to glimpses of the interior, which is decorated with the most luxurious and posh home décor imaginable.

In fact, Patricia gave us a complete tour of her estate just last year, and it left quite an impression on us. The gorgeous abode has a dramatic stairwell that showcases her immaculate art collection, an all-pink guest room, a to-die-for library, and an “unique” bathroom  fit for her matriarch status.

Patricia Altschul's stairs in her estate with art and photos on the wall.
Patricia Altschul's porch with seating, columns, and potted plants.

But that’s not all! Patricia even gave us a peek inside the "best room” of the luxurious home. Any guesses as to what that might be? Well, it’s her stunning outdoor area. As Patricia puts it: “We don’t call these porches. This is a piazza in Charleston, and it’s arguably the best room in the house.”

The beautiful piazza was adorned with beige and green tiles that matched the exterior of the home. During the tour of her backyard, Patricia also showed us her serene pool and lively garden.

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