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Tamra: Gretchen Lied to Me, But Why?

Tamra can't understand why Gretchen didn't want to go dress shopping or why Lauri chose to tell Vicki about Brooks then either.

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Heather getting a role on Malibu Country was a surprise, well not really . . .She did NOT tell me she had been entertaining the offer for weeks until that day at lunch. She's very quiet about her work and doesn't talk about it until she has signed on the dotted line. I was NOT surprised, because she did SO well on Hot in Cleveland I knew she would start getting a ton of offers. Congrats to Heather!

Gretchen is claiming that I told her I did not want Alexis at my dress shopping day. Well there is a little truth to that, let me explain.

When I told Gretchen that Alexis was invited she instantly was pissed and said she didn't want to go. She pleaded her case to me and I listened. I thought, "You know what Gretchen is right and Alexis should not be at my special day." I told her that I would tell Alexis that she could not go so I could have Her there.

After sitting on it for a few days I started thinking. Wait, this is MY day NOT Gretchen's and why am I letting her tell me who I could invite?

After all, I had made up with Alexis and was trying to move forward. Heather had made up with Alexis too, so if there was going to be any fighting it would be between Gretchen and Alexis -- and Gretchen had told me she didn't want any of that. Gretchen had no problem being around Alexis at the salsa party and even hugged Alexis goodbye. This was so confusing to me.

So after Gretchen realized I was not going to rescind the offer to Alexis she sent me a text (Plan 2) telling me that she was offered a role in the new Reba McEntire show. She called it Big Country (she didn't even have the correct name) and would be filming all day Friday, the day we were at Mark Zinino's store.

I told her, "Congrats. That's wonderful and please don't worry about me. The experience of being on your first sitcom was more important." Basically I called her bluff without even knowing it.

Fast forward to the day before dress shopping, I get a text message from Gretchen that she is turning down the role to spend the day with me looking for a dress (which is ironic because she did not spend one second trying to help me find a dress. She was off to the side by herself). Regardless, at the time I thought she did a sweet thing.

When we picked Gretchen up I was a little shocked to see her in a bright red jacket with no dress on underneath (it was winter and raining) and with an engagement ring on her left ring finger. It screamed "everyone look at me."

I have not seen her wear that ring in four years and she choose to wear it on the day I was looking at wedding dresses? Come on! I ignored it and tried to stay positive but Vicki on the other hand was thinking the same thing as me.

I honestly was oblivious to all the hostility that was going on while in the dressing room, thank God. I was having the time of my life trying on all those Mark Zunino gowns. Although I cried when I tried on the last dress, I did not choose it because it was not age or color appropriate for me. I felt like a princess and I could have kept that dress on and went to lunch in it, but Heather wouldn't let me!

After watching the episode I am still trying to wrap my brain around Lauri's comments about Brooks and the young questionable girl. Was she being a friend or trying to hurt Vicki? It was like Lauri was talking in circles. You know I have not been a big fan of Brooks in the past and a lot of people have a lot to say about him. But did it need to be said there? Could it been saved to our lunch or even better in private? I don't want to give too much away because this story continues next week.

Brooks and a Porn Star
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Heather had told me she had some news to tell me at lunch. After she told me it all made sense. Gretchen lied to me! Gretchen had been telling Heather the same story about how she got this role and she would be filming on Friday but decided to give it up just to be with me. Heather being the professional did not tell G she had been cast on that show and that she knew there was no offer given to Gretchen -- only a casting call that many reality stars were called for including Alexis. That was quickly abolished before interviews ever happened.

Heather's Fancy Pants Announcement
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Honestly it breaks my heart that she would lie to me after I had just opened up to her. But what hurt me even worse is her text to me two days after dress shopping.

Basically, she texted me to tell me what a great friend she was to give up her first role on a sitcom to spend that important day with me.

I didn't have the heart to tell her I knew she was lying. What was her point? Did she want to make me feel bad? Like I owed her something? I needed time to process everything and deal with it another day.

To this day I don't understand her motive for not wanting to go dress shopping with us. What was the real reason why she didn't want to go? You could tell my by her body language that she did not want to be there

Was it about Alexis or because it wasn't about Gretchen?

I am in the process of changing my name. . .Tamra Judge!

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