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The Daily Dish Below Deck

Every Below Deck Cast Member, From Season 1 to Season 7

We've met all sorts of characters while traveling along with the yacht crew on Below Deck.

By Becca van Sambeck
Your First Look at Below Deck Season 7

There are a lot of reasons to love Below Deckseeing the exotic locales, oohing and aahing over the luxurious features of the yachts, meeting the always-fascinating charter guests, and so on. But the thing that makes Below Deck, well, Below Deck is the crew we come to know and love over the course of a charter season.

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And while we all know and adore Captain Lee Rosbach, we have met many chefs, deckhands, and stews throughout Below Deck. Each season, we say goodbye to members of the crew and are introduced to several new ones. That means it can be difficult to keep track of them all: Do you remember Eddie Lucas from Season 1? Or the original chief stew before Kate Chastain took over, Adrienne Gang?

Get a refresher on every Below Deck crew member from Seasons 1-7, below. And make sure to tune in and catch Below Deck's newest season on Mondays at 9/8c.

1. Lee Rosbach, Captain (Season 1-)

The Stud of the Sea has regaled us for six seasons — soon to be seven — with his folksy sayings and admirable leadership in moments of crisis. When Captain Lee isn't on the water, you can find him spending time with family and friends — including Southern Charm grande dame Patricia Altschul.

2. Aleks Taldykin, First Officer (Season 1)

Bd Aleks Taldykin

We have seen Aleks return to our reality TV screen: He popped up on Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules and went on a date with Kristen Doute. See more in the video, below.

3. Adrienne Gang, Chief Stew (Season 1)

Bd Adrienne Gang

We only knew Adrienne Gang as chief stew for one season, but she still made an impression in our hearts. Since leaving Below Deck she's gotten married to a chiropractor and started working as a yacht chef.

4. C.J. LeBeau, Second Engineer (Season 1)

5. Samantha Orme, Third Stew (Season 1)

6. David Bradberry, Deckhand (Season 1, Season 3)

7. Ben Robinson, Chef (Season 1-4)

Bd Chef Ben

Ben Robinson may have left Below Deck's galley behind in Season 4, but Bravo fans can still catch him on Below Deck Mediterranean. When the crew of Below Deck Med needed someone to step in after a disastrous chef experience (um, just take a look at Chef Mila's nachos), Ben has come to Sandy Yawn's aid — even though there's been some clashes between him and the other yachties. 

8. Eddie Lucas, Deckhand (Season 1), Bosun (Season 2-3)

Bd Eddie Lucas

Eddie Lucas was at the center of one of Below Deck's most infamous moments — in fact Captain Lee says it's one of the moments he regrets the most. In Season 3, Captain Lee had to take Eddie aside after Eddie admitted to cheating on his girlfriend with fellow crew member Rocky Dakota. 

"When I expressed my disappointment, he took that pretty hard, and it was a conversation that I didn’t wanna have, but I had to because there were some things I thought he needed to hear," Captain Lee told the Daily Dish.

9. Kat Held, Second Stew (Season 1-2)

Bd Kat Held

When the Daily Dish caught up with Kat in 2015 after her time on the show, she told us she left yachting after Below Deck — she realized it was her sixth year mark and wanted to do something new — to start bartending in Newport. She was also back in school, hoping to work in the health field and studying to be a personal trailer. That doesn't mean she isn't grateful for her time on Below Deck; she said at the time that she's still very close with Aleks and kept in touch with Ben and Kate.

She also revealed being on the show helped her cut down on her party animal ways: "Life isn’t worth going through if you can't remember what you did the night before."

10. Kate Chastain, Chief Stew (Season 2-)

It's hard to imagine Below Deck without Kate Chastain. Whether she's creating, uh, interesting blanket folds to get back at troublesome charter guests, or throwing an out of-this-world theme party, or cracking on-point jokes about her staff, Kate always keeps it interesting.

10. Andrew Sturby, Deckhand (Season 2)

12. Logan Reese, Deckhand (Season 2)

13. Kelley Johnson, Deckhand (Season 2), Bosun (Season 4)

Bd Kelley Johnson

During Season 2 of Below Deck, Kelley Johnson made waves when an nude photo of him leaked online. However, Kelley isn't embarrassed: He revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2016 he's also made a sex tape before.

Kelley definitely wasn't shy about his body during his time on the yacht, though: Watch him do shirtless chores, below.

14. Jennice Ontiveros, Deckhand (Season 2)

15. Amy Johnson, Third Stew (Season 2), Second Stew (Season 3)

Bd Amy Johnson

Crewmates like sibling Kelley and Kate deeply missed Amy during Season 4 of Below Deck, but it sounds like Amy had moved onto an equally exciting venture, according to Kate during a September 2016 WWHL appearance:  "I'm really sad that Amy's not here, but I also know that she has a really gorgeous, younger South African boyfriend, and they are working on a yacht together, so she has sailed off into the sunset and is very happy," Kate gushed. 

16. Don Abenante, Second Engineer/Deckhand (Season 3)

17. Connie Arias, Deckhand (Season 3)

Bd Connie Arias

Connie Arias' close friendship with Kate continued off boat; in December 2018, they reunited to host a benefit for Genesis House, a women's shelter in Kate's hometown of Melbourne, Florida. 

"Connie and I jumped behind the bar last night for a bit to help out at the @MainstreetPub Genesis House benefit last night," Kate tweeted on December 6. "Thanks to everyone who came out!"

18. Raquel "Rocky" Dakota, Third Stew (Season 3)

19. Emile Kotze, Deckhand (Season 3)

20. Leon Walker, Chef (Season 3)

Bd Leon Walker

Poor Leon Walker was given the distinction of being Kate Chastain's least favorite crew member of all time, as she explained during a 2019 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "I would say my least favorite was Chef Leon just because he had a combative attitude at all times," she explained.

21. Dane Jackson, Deckhand (Season 3)

22. Emily Warburton-Adams, Second Stew (Season 4)

Bd Emily Warburton Adams

During her time on Below Deck, Emily Warburton-Adams found love with chef Ben Robinson. Alas, the relationship was short-lived — but the two seem to be on good terms to this day. 

Ben recently told PEOPLE, “We’re friends. Our romance ended, and on good terms. Emily is a London girl and very close to her mother. I lived in London for quite a few years and that was a chapter that I was quite happy to close in my life. I have a lovely condo that I own in Fort Lauderdale and it wouldn’t make sense for me to go rent an apartment in London at great expense. I guess we just reached a Russian standoff. We’ve maintained a great friendship, though."

23. Sierra Storm, Third Stew (Season 4)

25. Lauren Burchell, Deckhand (Season 4)

26. Trevor Walker, Deckhand (Season 4)

27. Nico Scholly, Deckhand (Season 4-5)

28. Kyle Dixon, Deckhand (Season 4-5)

29. Brianna Adekeye, Second Stew (Season 5)

30. Jennifer Howell, Third Stew (Season 5)

31. Chris Brown, Deckhand (Season 5)

32. Bruno Duarte, Deckhand (Season 5)

Bd Bruno Duarte

What's Bruno Duarte been up to since departing the Valor? Well, the deckhand got engaged to his partner Joseph, saying on Instagram he will be tying the knot with "a beautiful heart and a beautiful person." Plus, he's working as a chief stew — and a chef.

33. Baker Manning, Deckhand (Season 5)

34. Matt Burns, Chef (Season 5)

35. EJ Jansen, Bosun (Season 5)

36. Josiah Carter, Second Stew (Season 6)

Bd Josiah Carter

Josiah Carter became fast friends with Kate Chastain, and their close friendship was a particular highlight of Season 6. Unfortunately, the two don't talk as much now, Kate admitted on WWHL in July 2019, saying she "missed him" and that the different time zones made it difficult to stay close.

And while Josiah isn't returning for Season 7, he's made it clear he wants to head on to a certain ship: He recently tweeted that he'd love to join the crew of Below Deck Med.

37. Caroline Bedol, Third Stew (Season 6)

38. Laura Betancourt, Third Stew (Season 6)

Bd Laura Betancourt

Laura Betancourt memorably found love with deckhand Ashton Pienaar during her time on the yacht, but alas their love story didn't last. But don't be too sad: The two are still friends and posted photos of a reunion in the Bahamas in 2019, clearly having a blast together.

39. Adrian Martin, Chef (Season 6)

Bd Adrian Martin

Sometimes the staff falls in love, other times steamy situations arise with the charter guests. Adrian had a semi-awkward moment on the boat when one guest, Helen, seemed a little bit too complimentary of the food, even asking Adrian for his contact info. Of course, when he gave her his email, her husband walked in. 

But does that mean he never heard from her? Well, click the link here to learn exactly what happened between the two.

40. Chandler Brooks, Bosun (Season 6)

Bd Chandler Brooks

It's the relationship Below Deck fans have always dreamed about: a Below Deck crew member getting together with a Below Deck Mediterranean yachtie. Well, Below Deck's Chandler Brooks and Below Deck Med's Jamie Jason made that fantasy a reality when they started dating in 2018. The two recently celebrated their one year anniversary together, and it's pure cuteness overload.

41. Ross Inia, Deckhand/Bosun, (Season 6)

Bd Ross Inia

Ross Inia caused heads to turn at the reunion when he discussed his relationship with one of the charter guests, Krystal, saying they started hanging out after the charter season. When Andy pressed him further, asking if they were friends with benefits, he answered, "Just benefits." Fine... except Krystal is married.

Ross later cleared up confusion, insisting on Instagram the two are just friends, and also gave the Daily Dish an update on his love life.

That wasn't the only surprise Ross addressed at the reunion: He also discussed his arrest in West Palm Beach, Florida that occurred a week before the sit-down.

42. Ashton Pienaar, Deckhand (Season 6), Bosun (Season 7)

Bd Ashton Pienarr

Ashton Pienaar was at the center of Below Deck's scariest moment when a rope got caught around his leg and he fell into the ocean, getting dragged by the boat. Luckily, a brave cameraman leapt into action to save Ashton, who could've died in the horrifying accident.

Ashton isn't letting the frightening moment get to him, though: He's hopping back on board Below Deck for season 7 as bosun.

And while he ended season 6 hand in hand with fellow yachtie Laura Betancourt, the two split after charter season and have remained "dear friends."

43. Rhylee Gerber, Deckhand (Season 6)

Bd Rhylee Gerber

Rhylee Gerber went on a truly awkward date with Tyler Rowland during Season 6, when Tyler told Rhylee he didn't see a future with his fellow deckhand. However, the two seem to still be great friends, continuing to hang out and tease their followers on Instagram, although both told the Daily Dish backstage at the reunion they were dating other people.

44. Tyler Rowland, Deckhand (Season 6)

44. Simone Mashile, Second Stew (Season 7)

45. Courtney Skippon, Third Stew (Season 7)

46. Kevin Dobson, Chef (Season 7)

47. Brian de Saint Pern, Deckhand (Season 7)

48. Tanner Sterback, Deckhand (Season 7)

49. Abbi Murphy, Deckhand (Season 7)

Refresh yourself on all of last season's hijinks with the Season 6 After Show, below.

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