S3 - E10

Chef Overboard

Top Chef's have gotten tripped up by budgets, catering, and the trap that is dessert in seasons past, and it wasn't much different in this week's show. But, ultimately, it was a lack of imagination and good flavors that got Howie the ax. In the Quickfire Challenge, the remaining seven chefs were given $10, 20 minutes, and a specific grocery store aisle to create their dishes. Brian finally got out of his fish rut and won over guest judge Michael Schwartz with his Spam creation. Brian won the opportunity to decide the leadership for the Elimination Challenge, and he chose himself. The chefs had to work together to cater a party for designer Esteban Cortazar at Pure Nightclub. Overall, despite a few highlights, the chefs underwhelmed the judges, who included Dana Cowan, editor in chief of Food & Wine magazine. And Howie, perhaps this year's recipient of the most negative comments on our Top Chef blogs, goes home.

Aired: 09/05/2007
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