S3 - E8

Restaurant Wars

Oh, Restaurant Wars, how you torture us so. With Sara N.'s exit last week, the chefs are feeling the pressure of the competition. In the Red Robin Quickfire Challenge, the chefs were asked to make inventive burgers for none other than Chef Daniel Boulud. Needless to say, the chefs were a bit awed. While many of the chefs made variations on seafood burgers, Chef Boulud found CJ's to be the best. But, as Padma told the chefs, a Quickfire win no longer signifies immunity. However, CJ did get to choose his team to open his restaurant. CJ, Tre, Brian, and Casey opened "April," while Howie, Sara M., Hung, and Dale welcomed their guests into "The Garage." Both restaurants had similar food styles -- contemporary American cuisine. In terms of cuisine and design, both fell short of the judges' expectations, making this week's episode into a perfect starter for what is sure to be a satisfying conclusion next week.

Aired: 08/15/2007
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