S3 - E5

Latin Lunch

Getting past their group efforts from last week, this week's episode found the chefs in for a few sweet (and spicy!) surprises. First, the Quickfire Challenge called for the chefs to create dishes for guest judge Maria Frumkin using the versatile frozen pie crust. While some chefs, like Sara M., rose to the challenge, others, like Hung, fell flat (well, his mousse did anyway.) In the end, Joey's tarts impressed the judges and won him immunity. The chefs were then told that they had to cater a Latin-inspired lunch for the popular Telemundo novella "Dame Chocolate." The catch? They only had one and a half hours to complete it. Joey rose to the top again, with his new BFF Howie winning the challenge, while Lia, last week's winner, got sent home for her unremarkable polenta and trout dish.

Aired: 07/18/2007
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