S3 - E14

Finale, Part 2

What an edge-of-your-seat-exciting finale! First, the chefs meet Tom and Padma to find out what their final challenge will be: to create a three-course meal with whatever ingredients they have brought with them and the ones provided for them. They write out a menu and submit it to Tom. Rather than serving one after another as in seasons past, they will all be serving head-to-head. After drawing knives, they are introduced to their sous-chefs who are none other than Rocco DiSpirito (Hung's), Michelle Bernstein (Casey's), and Todd English (Dale's). After the chefs get over their excitement, they get down to business and prep for the next day's service. During prep on service day, they are thrown a curve ball: they must prepare a fourth dish with the help of their new sous-chefs, Top Chef: Miami's very own Sara M. (Hung's), Howie (Casey's), and CJ (Dale's). There are no guest judges on this final challenge, but the three celebrity sous-chefs and Brian Malarkey join Ted, Tom, Gail, and Padma at the dining table. In the end, it seems Casey's dishes don't stand up against Dale and Hung's, who split the courses between them. In the end, Hung prevails, making him Top Chef!

Aired: 10/03/2007
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