Finale, Part 1

Finale, Part 1

Season 3 |
Aired: September 26, 2007

Part One of the Season finale found the four remaining chefs refreshed -- and a little out of practice -- and in Aspen, Colorado. This time around the chefs were allowed to bring some personal culinary items. In the Quickfire, the chefs had to create a trout dish for renowned chef Eric Ripert. Casey's dish won the day, earning her the privilege to use her personal culinary items in the Elimination Challenge. Before the challenge, Tom told the chefs that only one chef would be going home, leaving three for the finale. For the challenge the chefs had to cook elk for cowboys and cowgirls. While some of the chefs found themselves in their element, others were unfamiliar with the gamy meat. In the end, Dale's backup plan came through in the clutch, and the judges determined that they'd seen everything in Brian's bag of tricks and sent him home.

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