S3 - E6

Freezer Burn

It's back to school for the Top Chef contestants as they participate in a Quickfire Smelling (and Tasting) Bee moderated by guest judge Rocco DiSpirito! It was a close match-up, but Casey prevailed, gaining her immunity once again. The Elimination Challenge forced the chefs to double-up, making for some pretty odd couples. The chefs were asked to create their own frozen pasta dishes in the vein of Bertolli Mediterranean Style Frozen Dinners to be served up to customers at a local grocer. Those who figured out the key to freezing their ingredients separately, like CJ and Tre, were successful, while others were simply left out in the cold. Ultimately, Joey was sent home-leaving a touching, yet hilarious, trail of tears.

Aired: 08/01/2007
TV-14 |