S3 - E4

Cooking By Numbers

Once the Elks were fed, and Micah bid the ketchup-loving Americans farewell, it was back to the kitchen for a new quickfire challenge. The cheftestants were asked to make dishes complementary to a wide array of Bombay Sapphire cocktails- not an easy task for chefs accustomed to wine. Hung thought he had an ace up his sleeve with his "creaminess and sweetness" combination, but it was Casey who walked away the winner, giving herself immunity during the elimination round. And as she found herself side by side with Howie and Joey, it proved helpful. The chefs were broken up into teams of three, and asked to create a trio (a small dish of three selections, using one common ingredient) for an exclusive dining club. The teams scrambled to put together a magnificent meal, and the shrimp dishes of Lia, Hung, and Brian were the judges' favorites, with Lia taking the top prize. Dale, Camille, and Sara M. took a risk on dessert, and it proved costly as Camille was sent packing her knives.

Aired: 07/11/2007
TV-14 |