S3 - E11

Snacks on a Plane

It was a competition from the get-go as the chefs were awoken to the grumbles of Padma's stomach. She was hungry, and the chefs had to make her breakfast using their Breville blenders. While there didn't really seem to be a bad dish in the bunch, Hung's steak and eggs and Grand Marnier shake was victorious. Padma then informed the chefs that they would be going on a trip. But what she didn't tell them was that the real challenge would occur on the plane itself parked at Newark Liberty International Airport. The chefs worked with the culinary crew at Continental Airlines to create dishes that could be served to their Business Class members, and would be tested by their own elite flight attendants. While Casey's dish inspired guest judge Anthony Bourdain's palate and earned her her second win in a row, CJ's never made it off the runway.

Aired: 09/12/2007
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