S3 - E9

Second Helping

A lot happened in this week's conclusion to Restaurant Wars, including the exit of one of this season's most accomplished chefs, Tre. First, the chefs competed in a Mise en Place Relay Race pitting chef against chef in a timed competition. Casey's slow dicing skills allowed Team Garage to plow ahead and take the win, giving them the advantage (depending on how you look at it) of Season One Stephen's sommelier skills. Both teams also got a design boost from Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone. Team Quatre revamped much of their menu to the guests' and guest judge Geoffrey Zakarian's delight, but overconfidence and a few bad dishes left Restaurant April's guests reaching for their wine. In the end, Quatre's head chef Sara M. got her first Elimination Challenge win, while Restaurant April's head chef paid the ultimate price: elimination.

Aired: 08/22/2007
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