S3 - E12

Manhattan Transfer

The remaining five chefs finally land in New York City. After taking in the sights and some street meat, they're off to their Quickfire at the famous Le Cirque, where they are greeted by renowned owner Sirio Maccioni. The chefs are treated to a special halibut dish, which they then have to re-create. Hung's dish is deemed closest to the original, while Sara is unable to complete the task -- the first of many problems. The chefs then head to Lee Anne's second home, The French Culinary Institute. There, Padma tells them that they will have to make a dish using chicken, potatoes, and onions for the culinary legends and professors of the FCI. Hung's chicken skin chip finally gets him a win and a trip to the finale in Aspen, as do Casey's, Dale's, and Brian's dishes. All Sara's poorly-executed Jamaican-inspired dish gets her is a one-way trip home.

Aired: 09/19/2007
TV-14 |