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S3 - E16

Holiday Special

The Holiday Special brought back many of the ghosts of Top Chef past as CJ, Marcel, Tre, Betty, Josie, Sandee, Stephen, and Tiffani came back to compete once more -- this time in Chicago. After opening some gifts and reminiscing, it was back to business. In the Quickfire the chefs were greeted by Padma and a mystery Santa, who turned out to be none other than the delicious Eric Ripert. The chefs had to create a dish from one gifted ingredient, which were chosen through a game of "Dirty Santa." Ultimately, CJ won the Quickfire, which gave him a limited advantage in the Elimination Challenge. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to create a a three-course meal, and would be judged through every course head-to-head, meaning that two chefs would be eliminated each round. Because CJ won the Quickfire, he could get a free pass in any of the courses, except the last. After three courses for the esteemed panel of judges, it came down to Tre and Tiffani. While both chefs got help completing their final dish of leftovers from the other chefs, Tiffani was victorious.

Aired: 12/06/2007